Did you know...

In conventional mushroom farming, mushrooms are often bleached after picking so they stay white at the store!

Thankfully all our mushrooms come from certified organic growers who don't use chemicals in their processes. See our blog post and grower profile on Andrew from Benalla Mushroom Farm to find out more about how he grows his mushrooms organically.

Also - Andrew estimates it takes 1200 hours for a mushroom to grow and then reach your table!
That's a lot of love and attention for each mushroom!

Storing mushrooms

The punnets from Benalla Mushroom Farm use a breathable wrapping, which is also recyclable. A brown paper bag is also perfect for storing mushrooms. In either case, they should be kept at the bottom of the fridge.

After storing, mushrooms may become a bit slimy - but that's ok, as long as they don't develop a bad smell or visible signs of rot they are good to eat! Just rinse and cook them up as normal.

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