This report was updated on Wednesday 23rd May for deliveries 28th - 31st May 2018 

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PRODUCE SPECIAL : 28th - 31st May 2018


Fuerte Avocadoes - $3.40 each. Coming from Jac Corp. 





Remedy Kombucha - 15% off all of May
100% natural. Packed with live cultures & organic acids for good gut health.

Other Grocery Specials include: 

Soap Guru Soap - 15% off all of May
Aloe Mint Dental Floss - 15 % off all of May
Seaweed Snacks (Roasted) - Teriyaki - 6 pack - 15% off all of May
San Elk Artisan Vegetable Stock - 15% off all of May

Out of Stock

  • Undivided Food - Gravy, Douglas Park - Blueberry Jam, FLM - 85% Light Flour, Kombucha - Apple Crisp 250ml, Tom - Pads - Super with Wings, Spiral Foods - Shittake Mushrooms, FLM - Muesli with Fruit, Real Good Food - Toasted Seed Mix In Shoyu, Spiral Foods - Pizza/Pasta Sauce, Mock - Sparkling Apple Juice, Mock - Sparkling Pear Juice, Spiral - Tomato Ketchup, Magann - Dried Apricots, Viking - Frozen Blueberries, Cleo - Body Butter (not available until June), Pana - Chocolate - RAW Coconut & Goji (50% Cacao), Star Anise - Beef Broth, FLM - 100% Wholewheat Flour, GimMe - Seaweed Snack - Sea Salt 6 pack, GimMe - Seaweed Snack - Olive Oil 6 pack, Dr Superfoods - Dried Cranberries, Barambah - Fetta in Marinade, Barambah - Fetta in Brine, Melrose - Coconut Oil, Spiral - Minced Ginger, Peace, Love & Veg - Bonny's Bush Tucker, Ceres - Green Banana Flour, Douglas Park - Apple Poppers, Douglas Park - Apple Juice 1ltr and 250ml, Loving Earth - Camu Camu, FLM - Polenta, Green Gables - Tomato Sauce, Green Gables - Plum Jam, Eden Health Foods  - Wild C, Enviroclean - Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner, Star Anise - Chicken Broth, Four Leaf Milling - Mung Beans, Vanella - Buffalo Ricotta, Nimbin Valley - Goat Milk, Simply Gentle - Cotton Rounds (Pads), Miessence - Mint Toothpaste,  Nuun Tablet - Hydration (Lemon & Lime), Spiral - Minced Garlic, EcoEgg - Washing Machine Detox Tablets, Mungalli - Fetta in Brine, GOH - Vanilla Powder, Marlee May - Goat Milk, Governors Estate - Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin), Aden & Anis - Starstruck Muslin Wrap, Jensens - Salsa, Select Seeds - Thyme, 3 Hungry Monkeys - Green Lentils, EnviroClean - Mould Remover, Melrose - Peanut Oil, Biona - Red Kidney Beans (in glass), Wodonga Park - Maca Oil 500ml, Kialla - Millet Flour, Enviro Clean - Toilet Bowl Cleaner, The Wholefood Kitchen Goodies (will make a comeback in Winter), Nat-ali - Extract - Vanilla, Four Leaf Milling - Oat Meal, ecococoon - White Chalk Pen, Lloyds Muscatel Grape Juice, Jensens - Pasta Sauces & Passata, EnvioClean - Rinse Aid, Jensens - Tomato Sauce, Jensens Organic - Crushed Garlic, Pearl Bar - Floss Picks (Charcoal Infused), Daiya - Cheddar Style Cheese (Shredded), Imbibe - Living Water Kefir, Singing Dog - Vanilla Extract (59ml), Cherub Baby - Food Pouch Spoons, Eat Gourmet Yoghurts, Maurice Franklin - Dried Bananas, Schultz Yoghurt, Vanella - Cow's Ricotta, Lettuce Deliver - White Dried Nectarines, Greco - Cheese - Sheep/Goat Fetta, Green Essentials - Lunchbox (Stainless Steel) - Opt a Box, Lettuce Deliver - Dried Nectarines, Lettuce Deliver - Dried Peaches, Aden & Anais - Wrap (Pure), Key - Ghee.

Back in Stock

  • Wot Not - Baby Wash, Toms - Pads - Regular with Wings, Cinderella - Stain Remover, Simply Gentle - Cotton Buds, Mt Retour - Relaxing Blend, Naturally Gluten Free - Buns, Sanitarium - Cereal - Weet-Bix, Wild South - Prawns, Bragg - 3.79 ltr bottle, Fry's - Chicken Style Burgers,

Deleted Stock

  • Ecover - Dishwashing Liquid - Chamomile & Marigold, Organic Living - Golden Turmeric Blend, Eco Store - Laundry Powder - Top & Front Loader (Lemon)  500gm, Miessence - Deodorant - Fragrance Free

Changes to Stock  

  • Wodonga Park - no longer doing retail size packs so will now be packed at Lettuce Deliver. 
  • Kombucha Max changing to 350ml from 500ml - all except P & Apple. Ginger, Lime & Cinnamon 
  • Organic Dairy Farmers Unsalted Butter in extremely short supply - we will sub to Organic Times if needed - unless you advise otherwise.
  • Until further notice Barambah Block and Sliced Cheddar will be labelled under Clean & Green Brand - which is from New Zealand. The product is also Certified by ACO.   
  • Milk supply is presenting some problems we will look to substitute you a like product if what you have ordered is not available. If you are wanting the milk that you have ordered or nothing at all - please make a note with your order. 
  • We are constantly updating grocery prices, images and details.

New Products

  • Fangs - Sauce - Chilli 150gm $11.60 each
    Product of Australia
    Not certified Organic
    Ingredients: Tomatoes, Vinegar, Chilli, Onions, Sugar, Garlic, Pepper, Ginger, Fish Sauce, Salt, Bonito Flakes. This product contains fish.
    Put the bite on your tastebuds! Gluten Free. Handcrafted in Cairns. 
  • The Fry Family - Schnitzels - Golden Crumbed (4 pack) 320gm $6.50 each
    Product of South Africa
    Not Certified Organic
    Ingredients: Crumb (15 %) [Wheat flour (Gluten)], Vegetable Protein (13 %) [Soya • Wheat (Gluten)], Vegetable oil (Sunflower seed), Potato starch, Maize starch, Flavourings, Thickener (Cellulose extract), Sea Salt, Spices (contains: Sulphites), Onion, Mustard, Colour: Caramel, Red iron oxide.
    Barbecue them, grill them, fry them, bake them, or just pop them in the toaster – it is really up to you. Serve with lightly steamed vegetables and a squeeze of lemon zest for a high protein meal.
  • Naturally Sweet - Erythritol 500gm $14.50 each
    Product of Australia
    Not Certified Organic
    Ingredients: 100% Erythritol
    Naturally Sweet Erythritol is a natural sweetener that has a clean, sweet taste with no after-taste and is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar. Comes in a resealable stand-up packet for convenience and to ensure its freshness. Substitute for sugar on a 1.4:1 basis. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
  • Little Mashies - Reusable Squeeze Pouches (10 pack) $34.95 each inc gst
    Product of China
    Not certified organic
    Made from: Made from soft mouldable plastic that is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free & Lead Free.
    The mixed colour pack of Little Mashies reusable food pouches contains 10 gorgeous monster food pouches with a wide zip lock along the bottom to fill with your own baby food, smoothies or yoghurt. Dishwasher safe and Freezable. Designed in Australia.
  • The Golden Ratio - Honey - Vegan (Golden Spice) 220gm $12.50 each
    Product of Australia
    Not certified organic
    Ingredients: 100% Concentrated organic coconut sap, organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic dandelion root, organic nutmeg, organic black pepper.
    Bee free honey! This "honey" is cruelty free and vegan. Use it as a spread, enhance your favourite tea, mix in smoothies, or serve over fresh fruit and smoothie bowls. Golden vegan honey may assist with inflammation, digestion, oxidative stress, balancing hormones, reduces bloating and improves brain function. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
  • Undivided Food Co. - Mayo - GOOD FAT 280gm $12.40 each
    Product of Australia
    Not Certified Organic
    Ingredients: Olive Oil (60%)*, free range whole egg (21%), Australian extra virgin olive oil (9%), apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, mustard powder, salt, rosemary extract *AOOA Certified
    GOOD FAT MAYO is Australia's first mayonnaise made with olive oil and NO industrial seed oils. This mayo is made with GOOD fats from olive oil and free range whole eggs, combined with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, mustard powder, salt and rosemary extract to create a rich and creamy texture that’s finger licking GOOD. 100% guilt free with no gluten, dairy, added sugar, thickeners, artificial colours, preservatives or additives and of course NO cheap and unhealthy vegetable oils. Use as a salad dressing e.g. potato salad, caesar salad or coleslaw. As a compliment to your protein or veggies. As a base to a creamy sauce. As a dip for your veggie sticks. Mixed with garlic to create a healthy aioli.
  • Frequency H20 - Water 600ml - Box of 24 $46.00
    Product of Australia
    Not Certified Organic
    Ingredients: Water
    After sourcing this incredibly precious water from a protected aquifer in remote Northern Queensland, it is put through a two-stage kinetic energy process and infused at 528Hz, the frequency of LOVE. This trade secret process enlivens the individual molecules, producing a remarkable soft and ultra-hydrating taste, feel and effect. Bpa free bottle. pH 8+

Run Out  

  • Every Bit Organic - Oil - Camellia $12.00 each...usually $17.75 each (best before 07.18) 
  • Iced Tea - Green with Apple $5.00 each...usually $9.95 each 
  • Iced Tea - Green with Blueberry $5.00 each...usually $9.95 each 
  • Iced Tea - Green with Peach $5.00 each...usually $9.95 each 
  • Sydney Essential Oils - Essential Oil - Citronella $6.60 each...usually $15.30 each (best before 07.18)
  • Sacred Grounds - Drinking Chocolate (Fairtrade) $8.00 each...usually $12.15 each (best before 07.18)
  • Plantrich Chutneys, Jams and Pastes (best before 08.18)
  • All Resparkle Products
  • All Cheeki Products