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Make sure you come back to this page often as we are constantly adding items to our available catalogue at your request. If you would like us to stock a product for you simply give us a call or send more

$17.00 [ each ]

$17.00 per 100 Items

Bio Bag to Earth – Bag - Biodegradable Shopping size 100 bags

ID #1625 Not Certified Organic Product of Vietnam

Based on Starch.

$14.95 [ each ]

$5.98 per 100 gms

Holle – Rice Porridge 250gm

ID #590 Certified by INTL Product of Germany

Ingredients: Wholegrain rice flour*, vitamin B1 (required by EU law). *from organic farming

The wholegrains used in Holle Porridges are in an easily digestible form, which is particularly suitable for babies. The goodness of the grain is gently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for yourmore

$34.95 [ each ]

Kirkpatrick & Jones. Belinda & Ainsley – Book - Healthy Hormones

ID #1231 Not Certified Organic Product of Australia

A practical guide to balancing your hormones. Discover how to feel your best and balance your hormones, naturally. Healthy Hormones is about making small and realistic changes to help your bodymore

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$8.03 [ each ]

$4.02 per 100 gms

La Tortilleria – Chips - Tortilla (Totopos) 200gm

ID #1221 Not Certified Organic Product of Australia

Ingredients: Corn, sea salt & non-GMO Canola oil

Authentic artisan tortilla chips. Deliciously crunchy and perfect for dipping in guacamole, salsa, ceviche and for making chilaquiles (nachos). These are not your average corn chips! Gluten Free. Nonmore

$16.00 [ each ]

$3.20 per 100 gms

Lotus – Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) - Raw 500gm

ID #937B Certified by ACO Product of China

Ingredients: Organic pumpkin seeds (Pepitas)

Lotus Organic Pumpkin Seeds (pepitas) are the dried seeds of a pumpkin with their skin removed. Add to cereal, stir fry or salad, to create a quick and easy way to increase the nutritional value ofmore

$54.00 [ kilo ]

$54.00 per Kilo

Marrook Dairy – Cheese - Mountain (Matured) 160gm - 190gm

ID #2862 Certified by BDRIBD Product of Australia

Ingredients: Bio-dynamic unhomogenised milk, cultures, rennet (non-animal, non GMO), salt.

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$6.20 [ each ]

$3.10 per 100 ml

Schulz Organic Dairy – Cream 200gm

ID #734 Certified by ACO Product of Australia

Ingredients: Non - homogenised certified organic cow's milk.

This tub of thick creamy goodness comes from fully certified organic milk from Schulz Organic Dairy's family farm in Timboon, Victoria. It has a beautiful butter fat of around 50% (which naturallymore

$18.99 [ each ]

$3.21 per 10 ml

Simply Organic – Vanilla Flavoring (Madacascar) 59ml

ID #846 Certified by INTL Product of USA

Ingredients: Organic glycerine, organic vanilla bean extracts in water.

Simply Organic's extra rich and creamy non-alcoholic organic Vanilla Flavor contains vanilla derived exclusively from Madagascar beans. From baking to enhancing savoury fare, this rich, floral andmore

$7.35 [ each ]

$49.00 per 100 gms

Three Peaks Organics – Dried Blueberries (Freeze Dried) 15gm

ID #2690 Certified by ACO Product of Australia

Ingredients: 100% Tasmanian grown blueberries

These dried blueberries are great for smoothies, mixed with cereal, over yoghurt, sprinkled on a cake, or healthy snacks for kids lunchboxes. Freeze dried from delicious blueberries grown in idyllicmore

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