Welcome to Lettuce Deliver. Here are a few important notes we have put together to help make your first time ordering with us as easy as possible.

Firstly there are a few places that you should visit on the website...

1. Most important is the Fresh Produce Report , which is exactly where you go when you hit 'Go Shopping Now'. This page allows you to read about the produce that is available for the coming week and is updated each Wednesday evening. We  are always very transparent about the produce in regards to what's good and what's not!

2. From there you can check out the Seasonal Boxes.  These boxes are made up of what is currently in season and what we feel is the best produce on that week.
You can either add the box to your cart in its entirety, or just add the items if you wish to change quantities or remove items all together.
Many customers start off with a box items as a base to their order and add from there.

3. Or you can just Go Shopping!  You can order exactly what you want to have delivered that week.
The search function is brilliant! Use it to help you navigate around the website, or search for something that you are looking for, but not sure what category it would be listed under.

All of our fresh produce we sell is Certified Organic and we guarantee the quality of everything we send out. Generally we supply fruit that is on the smaller side, as this is preferred by our customer base. If you have a size requirement please make a note at the completion of your order in the 'note specific to this order' box.

If you are not sure of the quantities of something that is sold by weight, for example you want 3 tomatoes, you can also make a note in this box at the completion of the order, specifying the number that you require. That way, regardless of the weight you have entered, you will be sent the number that you have asked for. If you want to order less than 1 of something e.g. 100gm of beans, enter 0.1. If you want to order half a cauliflower, enter 0.5 .

As a rule, we do not send goodies in a poly box unless you order milk or meat. If you would like your order to be delivered in a poly box (esky) with ice blocks, then please add them to your order. These can be found in the Delivery Options/Requests  tab. On this tab you can also choose other delivery options such as 'Call on approach', which can be added to your order.

Once you have finished adding items to your cart and you are ready to proceed, you can 'View Cart'. Here you have the option to set what you have ordered as a 'favourite order'. This can be changed or adjusted at any time, but can be helpful/time saving when placing future orders, as the things you like in our shop are then in one list for you.

4. At the completion of the order, you will be asked to select a 'delivery option'.  Please read the Delivery Information  page to see which option suits you best.
Once you have filled in all of your personal details, you will be asked which method of payment you would like to use, and what future contact you would like...

Payment - Choose between Cash or Cheque on Delivery or Credit Card.
We do not take credit card details online. We will call you on the Friday (for deliveries Monday-Wednesday) or Monday (for deliveries Thursday), to confirm your order and your details, and get your credit card details at this time, which we will keep on file for future orders if you place any. We do not charge your card in advance. Payments are processed on either the day of, or the day after your delivery is made. Your credit card details are kept securely in our office and are never uploaded to our website. If you wish to change your credit card details, please contact the office.
If wanting to pay Cash or Cheque on delivery, we will need to find out if you will be home at time of delivery, or where the money can be left in case you are not home.

Future Contact - There are a few methods of contact or ordering you can choose from:

• We place an order for you at your specified interval (weekly/fortnightly/monthly etc) with no contact on your part, unless of course you don't want an order. Just let us know and we will not send anything for the weeks that you specify. This can either be an order that is kept here in our office, or one that we process using what is in your 'favourite order' in your website account.

• We can remind you via a weekly call or text, to place your order, but you place the order youself.

• We can place an order for you, if you have not placed one by our cut off time. This can either be an order that is kept in our office, or one that we process using what is in your 'favourite order' in your website account. If you then place an order after we have placed one on your behalf, we will delete the order that we have placed and process the one you have placed.

• You can order whenever you like, without any contact or reminders from us.

We are a family owned and operated  business that truly care about quality produce and prides itself on integrity and traceability. We welcome any questions you may have in regards to where our produce has come from if the information provided on our site does not answer your questions.
If you would like to know more about the Lettuce family, have a read of Our Story.

Hopefully this information will make the ordering process as seamless as possible.
Click here to Go Shopping Now.