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Alkalife Water - Alkaline - Box Of 24 600ml

$49.50 each ($0.34 per100ml)
BPA Free

Nourish your body with Mother Nature's alkaline water. Alkalife is sourced from underground limestone caverns deep below the Earth's surface in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Every sip helps flush out toxins accumulated from our toxic environment leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. You will love the rich silica in Alkalife that helps maintain silky hair, glowing skin and strong nails. pH - 8.17 BPA free Bottle. Typical Analysis per litre: Calcium 60mg, Bicarbonate 290mg, Magnesium 12mg, Silica 26.4mg (full recommended daily intake), Potassium 1mg, Chloride 4mg, Sodium 7mg.


Alkaline Water

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