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Peace Love & Vegetables Superkraut - Kim Chi 620gm

$17.50 each ($2.82 per 100 gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by ACO

Peace, Love & Vegetables Superkrauts are an alive food. As such they continue to ferment in the jar after bottling. This may cause pressure to build up in the jar and the lid to 'bulge'. If this happens please open the lid with caution, preferably over a bowl in a tub or basin to catch any healthful overflow. This additional fermentation and bulging of the lid is evidence that your superkraut is vigorously healthy and alive! Raw & Gluten Free


Cabbage*, filtered water, carrots*, sweet potato*, sun-dried Australian sea salt, ginger*, onion*, L-plantarum culture starter, tumeric*, cayenne pepper*, garlic*, black pepper*. *denotes organic

Place of origin


About Peace Love & Vegetables

Peace Love & Vegetables is more than just a food company, it represents the wholistic values towards a peaceful and loving life. It was founded in Byron Bay in 2011 when Adam & Anya saw the need to give Australia a high-quality living product. Their superkraut has 2 billion CFU’s per serve and kefir has 90 billion CFU’s per 30 ml serving. By abundantly nourishing the gut with good bacteria the foundation is set to lead a healthy and peaceful existence. As Australia’s Number 1 Sauerkraut, Peace Love and Vegetables is a sustainable way of living and is a company that goes above and beyond to create and deliver Certified Organic products of the highest quality.

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