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Amazonia Nutritional Powder (Raw) - Prebiotic Greens 120gm

$34.95 each ($29.12 per 100 gm)
Gluten Free

With nutrient dense green sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, algae, herbs and natural sea minerals this product provides a full spectrum of green specific ingredients. Suitable for children and during pregnancy. Sprinkle on cereal, have with yoghurt or add to your favourite juice. Alkalising and vegan, contains live bio available ingredients, GMO free and free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten and caffeine.


Wholefood Greens Blend* (Nettle Leaf*, Spirulina*, Alfalfa Grass*, Chlorella*, Wheatgrass*, Barley Grass*, Kale*, Spinach*, Broccoli Sprout*), Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin* [prebiotic], Fruit Blend* (Pineapple*, Apple Juice*, Lemon*), Sprout Blend* (Amaranth Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*), Detox Blend (Natural Sea Mineral Complex [74+ Trace Minerals], Dandelion Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Rosemary Extract), Nopal Cladode*, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Stevia Leaf Extract*, Natural Mint Flavour. *Certified Organic

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