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Super Charged Food Candle – Negative Ion

$39.95 each

This candle is the first candle with negatively charged minerals blended into 100% vegan, non GMO soy wax. No paraffin, palm oil or beeswax. Renewable, carbon neutral. Lightly scented with natural fragrances. Not tested on animals and complies with RIFM and IFRA standards. Pure woven cotton wick. Negative ions are little packets of good energy from the Earth! They elevate your mood by increasing serotonin levels, purify and clean the air and counteract the positive ions in your personal environment. For home or office use. Place by computers, phones, wifi, microwaves, air-con, heaters.

You'll notice a number of flecks and colouration with the Negative Ion candle. These aren't impurities, they're purities - these flecks are the highly negatively charged Leonardite sourced straight from beneath the earth. These minerals are released into your atmosphere when the wax melts. They act against the positive ions bombarding us in modern life: computers, phones, air-con, microwaves, blue light, concrete, pollution, plastics, heavy metals and processed foods. So use the Negative Ion candle during the day at your workplace to ward off the bad (positive) vibes. Use it anytime, really. Burn time up to 50 hours.


Soy wax candle. Supercharged with negative ions. Lemongrass & Lime subtle fragrance.

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