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Honest to Goodness Dried Raisins 200g

$6.70 each $3.35 per 100gm


The Organic Australian Raisins - 200G Pack is a delicious and wholesome addition to your pantry. These raisins are grown naturally using eco-friendly farming methods, ensuring that you receive a product that is devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides. What makes our raisins unique is their inherent sweetness and flavour, which is achieved through the meticulous cultivation and drying techniques used by our farmers. Our drying process does not incorporate any additional oil or preservatives, safeguarding the raisins' natural goodness and nutritional benefits. This Organic Australian Raisin is an ideal option for families or individuals who seek a healthy and delicious snack. Also, these raisins can be used as a nutritious ingredient in baking or as an addition to salads, granolas, or trail mixes, providing a natural and flavorful touch to your culinary creations.


Organic Raisins (100%)

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