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Alter Eco Chocolate - Dark With Salted Burnt Caramel 75gm

$5.95 each ($7.93 per 100gm)
Certified by INTL

Raw cane sugar, lush organic cream, and pastured heirloom butter are simmered to the brink of burnt for a masterful caramel crunch. Alter Eco's Swiss chocolate-maker drowns this golden alchemy in deep, dark Ecuadorian chocolate, and then adds a sprinkle of coveted Fleur de Sel de Guerande for mouth-watering good measure. Each malty-sweet crunch is deeply satisfying and nearly impossible to resist. Just try to stop at one bite.


*+Cocoa beans,*+ raw cane sugar, salted caramel granulates (15%) (*+raw cane sugar, *glucose syrup, *butter, *cream, water, salt), *+cocoa butter, butterfat, sea salt (fleur de sel), natural flavour *Organic +Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, 70% minimum.

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