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Amazonia Protein Powder (Raw) - Slim & Tone (Vanilla & Cinnamon) 500gm

$44.95 each ($8.99 per 100 gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by ACO

Raw slim and tone provides a nourishing sprouted protein base with nutrient-dense herbs and specific alkalising greens. it has been formulated to help combat the real issues of weight gain and achieve a fit and healthy physique. Nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs leaves you feeling satisfied and energised. With the addition of specially selected herbs that combat overgrowth of bad bacteria related to a poor diet, it is the comprehensive option for those wanting real results. Rich in nutrients to help you feel fuller for longer, sugar free and very low in carbs. Infused with herbs known to boost metabolism, bio fermented and live sprouted protein, designed to help combat bad digestive bacteria. Dairy, wheat, gluten, GMO, soy and nut free. Delicious creamy taste


Organic Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Superfood Blend (Organic Cocoa*, Sea Mineral Complex [74+ Trace Minerals], Organic Spinach*, Organic Spirulina*, Organic Chlorella*), Natural Flavours, Herb & Spice Blend (Organic Cinnamon*, Organic Liquorice*, Organic Ginger*, Organic Dandelion*, Organic Ginkgo Biloba*, Organic Siberian Ginseng*, Organic Milk Thistle*, Organic Cayenne Pepper*, Organic Gotu Kola*, Organic Cloves*), Organic Acacia Gum*, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract*, Digestive Enzyme (Bromelain). *Certified Organic

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