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Australia's Manuka Honey - Antibacterial (20+ Active Jellybush) 60gm

$18.70 each ($31.17 per 100 gm)

For the management of minor wounds, cuts and minor burns. Antibacterial honey may assist by inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms at the wound site, providing a moist wound healing environment, lifting debris and dirt away from the wound, helping to minimize scab formation and scarring, providing a protective barrier between the dressing and the mound and helping to prevent sticking of the dressing to the wound site. Active Jellybush honey is sourced from Leptospermum plants growing in the pristine coastal forests of Australia's East Coast. Australia's Manuka antibacterial honey is tested at independent laboratories before packaging to ensure that it contains the highest levels of these therapeutic and beneficial properties. It is cold extracted and processed differently to normal honey which helps to retain the therapeutic and antibacterial properties of this unique honey.


Medical grade Manuka Honey

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