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Australian Bush Spices Spices - Yellow Bush Dukkah 80g

$9.10 each ($11.38 per 100gm)
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Yellow Bush Dukkah reinvents a typical Egyptian spice mixture, marrying ancient flavours of the Middle East with native Australian wattle seed, macadamia nut and zesty lemon myrtle for a fiercely invigorating fusion evocative of some bustling 'bush bazaar'. Traditionally eaten as a late afternoon snack together with a fresh bread and olive oil or as an exotic evening appetiser with an Arabian twist. How to use: Dunk fresh bread in premium olive oil then...dip into dry YELLOW and devour.


Pecan, Wattle seed, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Sesame seed, Salt, Lemon myrtle, Coriander

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