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Baby Beehinds Nappy Bag (Wetbag) - Purple

$16.50 each

44 * 32 cm These water resistant bags are great to store baby's wet/dirty nappies in when out and about. No need to rinse your nappies first, just roll the nappy up and place inside the bag. Each bag holds about 6-8 nappies, which is generally enough for a day's outing. Each bag is made from 2 layers of polyester knit fabric, with a breathable, waterproof coating sandwiched in-between. They make for a durable bag with thick, good quality construction. The zipper closure is tough and sturdy, designed for many, many uses and to help keep smells contained! Super easy to care for- simply wash in with your cloth nappies. Designed in Australia. Made in China.


Content: Polyrethane Laminate on Polyester.

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