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$46.00 per kg

This bacon is made from pork coming from Borrowdale Farm and is Certified Free Range. Borrowdale Free Range Pork is sourced from a single family operated farm. The bacon will be frozen when leaving our premises and we would expect some defrosting on delivery due to small packet size, so if any defrosting does occur we would suggest then putting into your fridge and using within 10 days. Coming from Nicholson's Organic Farm Fresh Meats. To order say 1 packet of Bacon at 200gm, enter 0.20


Certified Free Range Pork 95.7%, salt, water 1.9%, spices extract 1.9%, mineral salt (450, 452), sodium nitrate (250) 0.1%. (Protein 27.6g, Fat 5.8, Carbs 1.3g, Energy 707kj, Sodium 946mg, Sugars 0.3g, Saturated Fat 2.2g).

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