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Bill's Bakery 100% Wholemeal Sourdough Loaf (Sliced) 620gm

$7.20 each ($1.16 per 100gm)
Certified by ACO

Orders for Bills Bakery need to be placed by 4pm Saturday regardless of delivery day. Bills Bread arrives to Lettuce each Monday morning. Bill's 100% certified organic stoneground wholemeal is a delicious whole-grain sourdough. The 18-hour leavening process breaks down the bran eliminating phytin and releasing valuable minerals. Bills wholemeal sourdough is good for you because it is chock-full of complex carbohydrates. A storehouse of nutrients and fibre, low in saturated fat and a wonderful source of protein. Wholegrain diets can improve bowel health by helping to maintain regular bowel movements and promoting of healthy bacteria growth in the colon. 100% wholemeal has so many other nutritional benefits that are simply amazing for you!


Certified organic stoneground wholemeal wheat flour, filtered water, certified organic sunflower oil, psyllium husk, lecithin and Himalayan pink rock salt

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