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BioBeet Kvass Restore - Classic Beetroot 500ml

$22.00 each ($4.40 per 100ml)

Fermented probiotic health tonic with a deep, complex flavour - Sweet, salty, sour and earthy. Contains probiotics, enzymes, dietary nitrates, electrolytes, antioxidants and valuable nutrients. Increases healthy gut flora. Improves digestion and eases digestive discomfort. Promotes healthy levels of stomach acid. Restores regularity. Excellent blood and circulation tonic with a moderating effect on blood pressure, increases energy and stamina, supports detoxification, liver and gall bladder health, rejuvenates skin, is a very effective anti-inflammatory and rebuilds immunity


Beets*, spring water, Celtic sea salt, hand-made biodynamic culture. *Certified Organic.

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