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Blis Honey - Manuka (Mgo 600+) 250gm

$92.00 each $36.80 per 100gm


BLIS Manuka Honey 600+ is fully certified organic, raw, unheated and the highest quality you can get. It is perfect for helping to naturally soothe sore throats, reduce the appearance of scars, eliminate skin infections and heal minor cuts and burns. It also can help aid digestion and is often used to improve general health and wellbeing (especially during the colder month) making it one of nature's miraculous healers. BLIS Manuka Honey comes from the Nelson - Tasman region of New Zealand where a coastal paradise exists. Surrounded by three National Parks, Blis bees make their home amongst the beautiful crystal clear streams and enchanting native forests. It is here with love, passion and the most natural Biodynamic beekeeping methods that this precious raw organic Manuka honey is created.


100% Certified organic raw New Zealand Manuka honey.

Place of origin

New Zealand