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Salt - Dead Sea Salt (Fine) 500gm

$6.65 each ($1.33 per 100gm)

Salt sourced from the Dead Sea, the same location as many well known beauty products. This salt is unique in flavour, unrefined, unbleached and free of chemicals or additives. The Dead Sea lies 417 meters below sea level, which creates unique climatic conditions that contribute inherent advantages to the natural salt. 100% genuine natural table salt is produced in the Dead Sea by evaporation of the Dead Sea water and crystallization of the salt in ponds, without any industrial interference, without the use of any chemical or artificial materials, with no additives and with no chemical agents. The concentration of natural minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and bromine is up to 10 times higher than in other oceans.


Salt, with trace minerals.

Place of origin


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