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Dilectio Marinated Goat Style Feta Cheese (Vegan) 280g

$14.00 each $4.38 per 100gm


Immerse yourself in this Marinated Goat-Style Cheese. A plant-based delight made with cashews and marinated with Thyme, Garlic and Peppercorns. Whether spread on toasted focaccia, tossed in a fresh garden salad or featured on a wood-fired pizza, this 100% vegan culinary delight is ready to enjoy at any time of the day. Soy Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free.


Cashes, Sunflower Oil, Water, Organic Shea Butter, Natural Flavour, Salt, Garlic, Peppercorns, Fresh Thyme, Vegan Cultures.

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