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Eucoclean Anti-Bacterial Cleaner (3 In 1) 750ml

$10.95 each ($1.46 per 100ml)

Kills 99.9% of germs. Is a great disinfectant/cleaner but also is an air conditioner purifier. Removes mould and can be used to combat bug problems. EucoClean 3in1 can be applied as a Disinfectant on and around Bathroom & Kitchen Amenities. With its Powerful Natural Essential Eucalyptus, EucoClean 3in1 cuts through Soap Scum and Grind with Ease. EucoClean 3in1 is perfect for in-Between Seasonal Air-Con Application. Will Clean, Sanitise Domestic Air-Con Filters and Deodorise System leaving a Natural Botanical Aroma throughout your home or office. A Non Pesticide Alternative that Naturally BUG Bugs on Mattresses, Pet Ware, Travel Luggage, Hats and Hard Surfaces.

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