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Fine Fettle Baked Flats - Broccoli With Mixed Greens 80gm

$9.99 each ($12.49 per 100gm)
Gluten Free

Tasty, wholesome snacks made from real veg, that have been squished flat, then dried (not fried) to help retain goodness and concentrate all the natural flavours. A delight enjoyed just as they are, they are also delicious topped or dipped. Once opened store in a moisture free airtight container and keep in a cool dry place. Consume within 2 weeks of opening. Gluten Free. No Preservatives.


Broccoli (36%), brown rice, quinoa, linseed, sesame seed, chia, mixed greens(4%)(spinach, kale, silverbeet), tamari( water, soy, salt), garlic powder, salt.

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