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Full Circle Reusable Sandwich Bags (Flat)

$13.20 each
BPA Free

Organize the chaos, or just pack a snack for the road. These sustainable storage bags are built for bundling every bit (or bite) you want to keep close at hand and tidy, too. Stow, seal, and wash them to your heart's content. Label and wipe clean with a dry erase marker. From travel and household essentials to recipes and pantry goods, these bags go the distance. Reusable food-safe, BPA-free storage bags. Leak-proof, air-tight lock seal design. Stands upright for everyday use and storage ease. Great for marinating meat, require a bag for baby must-haves or packing snacks for your day at the beach, the size of this bag makes your job that much easier. Clear. 20.8cm x 20.3cm x 0.40cm


Materials Used: Reusable FDA-Grade EVA material

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