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Healthybake Ancient Grains & Seeds Loaf 600gm

$9.75 each ($1.62 per 100gm)
Only available on Thursdays

Healthybake bread is only available to Thursday deliveries. A perfect blend of the ancient grains - spelt and kamut with a liberal amount of sunflower, linseed and poppy seed blended throughout. This bread has a rich nutty taste with a bit of "crunch" that is highlighted and enhanced with the natural sweetness of the kamut grain. Ancient grain bread is a new experience and can be served with any sweet or savoury accompaniment or is delicious just eaten on its own. Best of all, the children will love it! This bread has all the nutritional attributes of spelt and kamut, tastes great and is "healthy".


Organic spelt flour, organic kamut flour, filtered water, sunflower kernels (5%), linseed (5%), sesame seed (5%), poppy seed (1%), organic soya flour, olive oil, sea salt, sourdough culture, contains acidophilus and bifidus.

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