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Healthybake Yarra Valley Light Rye Loaf 700gm

$8.75 each ($1.25 per 100gm)
Only available on Thursdays

Healthybake bread is only available to Thursday deliveries. The light alternative to our Rye Grid bread. This bread is a perfect blend of rye and organic spelt flour producing a more delicate taste whilst maintaining that characteristic rye sourdough flavour. Our specially developed sourdough culture provides all the health and digestive benefits of live Acidophilus and Bifidus whilst imparting that delicious sourdough taste. A perfect bread either toasted or plain that has the versatility to be enjoyed at either breakfast or dinner and anywhere in between.


Organic rye flour, filtered water, organic spelt flour, olive oil, sea salt, sourdough culture, contains acidophilus and bifidus.

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