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If You Care Baking Paper - Parchment Sheets

$6.45 each
Gluten Free

24 Sheets

Silicone coated paper is the environmentally friendly option when it comes to parchment paper, many leading brands are coated with quilon which is a chemical containing chrome, a heavy metal which when incinerated becomes toxic and leaves trace elements.

They are made from FSC certified unbleached totally chlorine-free greaseproof paper, eliminating chlorine derivatives being dumped into our lakes and water systems, whilst also eliminating the need for greasing which cuts calories on your food as well as cutting prep time.

They are also pre cut to reduce waste with each reusable sheet measuring 12.5” x 16”.

Microwave and oven safe up to 428 °F/220 °C. 24 pre cut sheets. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten and allergen free, they are also coated with silicone derived from a natural element, which gives the product its excellent non-stick properties, making it the green option.

Recycled and recyclable packaging.


Content: Made from unbleached, totally chlorine free (TCF) paper.

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