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LOCK&LOCK Glass Container - Oven Glass Gift Pack Pack of 10

$99.00 each

Heat-resistant, airtight glass container. 4-side locking system. Use it as bake ware (without lid). Ideal for storing, heating and freezing left overs. Salt & oxidation resistant. Microwave Safe (without lid). From oven to table at once. Freezer to microwave at once - can withstand sudden temperature change. Stain and odour resistant. Glass is oven safe to 400 degrees. Set includes: 1 x 380ml round container, 2 x 380ml rectangular container, 2 x 630ml rectangular container, 1 x 750ml square container, 1 x 950ml round container, 2 x 1L rectangular container, 1 x 2L rectangular container.


Made from: Container - Borosilicate glass, Lid - Polypropylene/PP (BPA Free) and Silicon.

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