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Morlife Inulin 150gm

$16.95 each ($11.30 per 100 gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by ACO

Inulin Powder is a convenient solution to increase your prebiotic soluble fibre intake and boost your wellness diet. As a good source of fibre, Inulin Powder helps keep you regular. Our inulin is derived from Jerusalem Artichoke, a natural food source of this prebiotic soluble fibre. Morlife Certified Organic Inulin Powder has a natural slightly sweet flavour and dissolves easily. When combined with your favourite beverages or foods, it provides you with the benefits of prebiotic fibre. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to support their body and dietary fibre intake. Good source of fibre. Prebiotic fibre. Gluten free. Free from colours, flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners.


Certified Organic Inulin Powder

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