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Nature's Child Face Wipes (Cotton) 2pack

$8.40 each
Certified by INTL

Easy to use on delicate baby skin as a delightful alternative to disposable wipes which are full or ingredients and bleach.

No product needed, just add water to clean your pure baby. Absolutely no additives, no throwing away. Just a beautiful, practical product.

Face wipes can be used by the whole family as organic cleansing wipes which are kind to your skin and the environment. Replace your current kids face washers with these.

Each one is made using luxuriously soft 100% biodegradable organic cotton cloth, so you know it will break down quickly once it leaves your home. If you are currently using throw away wipes in your makeup bag as an essential item to remove daily impurities and grime of all makeup, including mascara – you will be thrilled to know that you can stop wasting money, time and waste on throw away options.

These are way less irritating for your skin, and being 100% compostable and biodegradable naturally, they are the very best for our environment! We don’t need to make a throw away that is biodegradable!

There are no special washing instructions, simply include with your normal washing. Organic cotton face wipes are more cost effective than disposables.


Certified Organic Cotton

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