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Nature's Path Cereal - Fruit Juice Sweetened Corn Fla Kes 300gm

$8.99 each ($3.00 per 100gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by INTL

Natures Path Fruit Juice Corn Flakes are large, thick, and deliciously crunchy, even in milk!

Naturally sweetened with organic pear juice, it’s a scrumptious base for your morning breakfast, and a great ingredient for gluten-free cooking.

A burst of sunshine in your bowl, it’s made with only three simple, whole food ingredients, and is certified gluten-free.

You’ll love starting your day with this bright, crunchy, and tasty cereal, made with organic and non-GMO ingredients.


Corn meal and/or yellow corn flour, pear juice concentrate, sea salt.Corn meal and/or yellow corn flour, grape and/or pear juice concentrate, sea salt.

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