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Nature's Path Cereal - Love Crunch (Dark Chocolate & Red Berries) 325gm

$9.99 each ($3.07 per 100gm)
Certified by INTL

Have a love for dark chocolate chunks and tangy berries? How about a thing for premium granola that's also packed with whole grains, ALA omega-3s and 0 grams trans fat? Well, then, this'll be love at first bite.


Rolled Oats*, Cane sugar*, Soy oil*, Fair Trade dark chocolate chunks* (cane sugar*, unsweetened chocolate*, Cocoa butter*, vanilla*,) Flax seeds*, Dried coconut*, Cocoa*, Freeze-dried berry blend* (freeze-dried strawberries*, freeze-dried raspberries*), Rice starch*, Sea salt, Natural flavor, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). *Organic. Contains soy and tree nuts (coconuts).

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