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Australian Wheatgrass Live Radish Sprouts

$7.00 each
Certified by ACO
Produce of NSW
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While fully grown radish is generally known for its spicy roots, radish microgreens contain more vitamin C, calcium and protein, than their subterranean counterpart and have been used to treat various skin disorders, kidney problems and fight cancer. Tasting a lot like radish, these radish microgreens have a delicious peppery flavour and are characterised by vibrant purple stalks and dainty purple leaves. Perfect as a garnish, in sandwiches, salads and stir fries or try spinkling them on top of curries or into pad thai, for an extra kick. One of the main benefits of receiving living punnets of radish microgreens is that you can consume as much as you require, whilst the remainder stays fresh and continues to grow.

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