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Peace Love & Vegetables Bag - Cotton Tote 1pack

$11.00 each

This heavy duty cotton tote is the perfect companion for any occasion. Specifications - Size: 457.2mm (W) x 355mm (H) x 127mm Bottom Gusset. Handle Size: 25.4mm (W) x 254mm Drop Length. Cotton Thickness: 10 oz


Made from: 100% Cotton

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About Peace Love & Vegetables

Peace Love & Vegetables is more than just a food company, it represents the wholistic values towards a peaceful and loving life. It was founded in Byron Bay in 2011 when Adam & Anya saw the need to give Australia a high-quality living product. Their superkraut has 2 billion CFU’s per serve and kefir has 90 billion CFU’s per 30 ml serving. By abundantly nourishing the gut with good bacteria the foundation is set to lead a healthy and peaceful existence. As Australia’s Number 1 Sauerkraut, Peace Love and Vegetables is a sustainable way of living and is a company that goes above and beyond to create and deliver Certified Organic products of the highest quality.

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