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Pepe Saya Butter - Salted (Cultured) 225gm

$10.45 each ($4.64 per 100gm )
Certified by NASAA

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter is rich in taste with a buttery aroma. This taste is achieved by allowing fresh cream to ferment and sour, creating our crème fraîche. This is then churned and handpacked into the unique round pat.

Cultured Butter- The Lactobacillus culture Pepe Saya add to fresh cream converts lactose into lactic acid, which produces additional aroma compounds such as diacetyl which causes the extremely buttery scent and flavour that uncultured butter does not normally possess.

This product is ordered at 4pm Sunday. Orders placed after this time, may or may not have the order fulfilled.


Cream (from pasturised cows milk), Olsson's Sea Salt. Minimum fat content 82%. Souce of Cream: Organic cream sourced from Organic Dairy farmers of Australia Co-op Ltd.

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