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Sativa Cleanser - Purify 125ml

$29.95 each ($23.96 per 100ml)
Certified by ACO

Awaken the skin on your face with this gentle yet effective cleanser utilising the natural anti-bacterial saponins of Aloe and Sapindus Berry to cleanse, purify and soften the skin leaving it ready for moisturising. Start your day fresh with our natural face cleanser.


Aloe barbadensis(aloe vera) leaf juice, cannabis sativa seed oil, sclerotium gum, hamameli virginiana extract, leuconostoc/ radish root ferment filtrate, sapindus mukorossi extract, lavandula angustifolia oil, sambucus nigra extract, copaifera officinalis oil, citrus australasica extract. limonene and linalool occur naturally. Certified Organic.

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