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Simply Clean Spray & Wipe - Lime 500ml

$9.00 each ($1.80 per 100ml)

Lime Spray & Wipe is a toxin & sensitiser free multipurpose cleaning solution that cleans away grime & grease and kills germs in the kitchen, bathroom and around your home, leaving the super fresh fragrance of pure Australian limes. Chlorine & ammonia free. Gentle surfactants efficiently clean away dirt and grease. Kills 99.9% of sickness-causing germs. Safe for food surfaces. Family safe and earth safe. Grey water safe. No animal testing or animal products. Palm oil free.


Pure Australia lime oil, polyalkylene oxide (biodegradable low foaming surfactant), methoxyisopropanol (dissolves grease), sodium carbonate (washing soda), ethanol (plant derived), tetrasodium edta( water softener)

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