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Spiral Foods Soup - Instant Miso (5 Pack) 50gm

$10.50 each ($21.00 per 100gm)
Certified by INTL

Muso Organic Instant Miso Soup is made from unpasteurized organic miso. They are naturally fermented over 1 year in wooden kegs. That is why Muso's miso are tasty and flavourful. To maintain these finest qualities Muso uses costly freeze-drying method for this soup. No animal products are added; suitable for vegetarians. Can be used as a soup, as a seasoning for sauce or dressing or as a broth for noodles.


Organic brown rice miso (48%), (organic whole soybeans, organic brown rice, salt), organic barley miso (48%), (organic whole soybeans, organic barley, salt), wakame (contains iodine), kombu powder (contains iodine).

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