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Star Anise Organic Wholefoods Stock - Beef 500ml

$14.00 each ($2.80 per 100ml)
Low Fodmap

Long slow simmered using joint and marrow bones from 100% grass fed and finished cows ethically raised on certified organic farms. Stock (or broth) is an age-old traditional wholefood required to balance out our muscle meat and egg intake. It also builds and repairs the osteo-skeletal system, promotes healthy digestive function, makes skin and hair glow, and calms the nervous system. All Star Anise broths were formulated in consultation with an integrative GP, and a wholefoods dietician and naturopath to be free of FODMAPs and as low allergenic as possible. The most gelatinous of the stocks, beef broth is excellent for gut and digestive health. Gently heat and drink 1 cup as a hot drink once a day or use as the base for soups and casseroles for added flavour and nutrients.


Filtered water, certified organic 100% grass fed beef bones and pink lake salt.

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