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The Broth Sisters Sipping Broth – Tuscan Tomato & Basil (2 broth bags) 12g

$4.60 each ($38.33 per 100gm)
Save 50c

REVITALISE - Tastes like the carefully crafted broth your grandma used to make. Tomato is naturally high in vitamin C, which has been shown to increase iron absorption. Agar agar promotes the production of healthy red blood cells and reduces the risk of anemia. Paired with other iron-rich foods, this blend may promote vitality and increased energy. Enjoy as a healthy cuppa or add some diced vegetables and risoni for a simple meal idea. Vegan. 100% compostable broth bag and sleeve.


Sea salt, dehydrated vegetables, tomato 19%, garlic, onion, bell pepper, green tea, spices, herbs (basil 4%), yeast extract, bamboo fibre, agar powder.

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