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White Magic Eraser Sponge - Extra Power (4 Pack)

$8.55 each

11 x 7x 1.5cm Content: Fibres 10,000 times finer than human hair. The Original and best eraser sponge for removing stubborn marks from any smooth non-porous surfaces. 4 pieces that have been compressed to make them 50% stronger than the original. Great for rougher surfaces. White Magic Extra Power is the result of a White Sponge that was 3cm thick and is then compressed to 1.5cm in thickness. This block is twice as hard as every other Microfibre sponge in the market today. Because it is twice as hard, it will last for twice as long. Can be used to erase set-in dirt around the kitchen, break up tough bathroom soap scrum, eraser scuff marks and dirt from walls, floor and doors as well as erase ground-in dirt on outdoor furniture.

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