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Whole Earth Baked Beans 400gm

$4.75 each ($1.19 per 100gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by INTL

We make our saucy baked beans with organic haricot beans, juicy organic plum tomatoes & organic herbs and spices. Try them on hot buttered toast, with a fluffy jacket potato or with a hearty Sunday brunch.


Organic haricot beans* (52%), Water, Organic Tomatoes* (19%), Organic concentrated apple juice*, organic brown rice flour*, sea salt, organic onion powder*, organic cassia, organic nutmeg, organic soy sauce (soya beans, water, sea salt, shochu, koji seeds), organic garlic powder, organic dill, organic cloves, organic sunflower oil, natural capsicum flavouring. * Organically grown + Approved non-organic ingredient.

Place of origin

the UK

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