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Whole Kids Cookies - Apple (4 Pack) 80gm

$6.65 each ($8.31 per 100 gm)
Certified by ACO

Honest food made from real ingredients. Whole Kids's Organic Apple Cookies are a delicious, bite-sized cookie that we think your little ones will love! Perfect for school lunchboxes - 4 packets per box of 2 individually wrapped cookies. GMO free, no added sulphites and not made with concentrates. No artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or other nasty stuff. Made in New Zealand.


Organic flour 28%, organic butter 24%, organic oat 12%, organic dried apple 10%, organic apple puree 10%, organic coconut palm sugar 9%, organic corn flour 5%, organic cinnamon 1%, baking soda 0.5%, organic vanilla extract 0.5%.

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