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Wildcraft Dispensary Ointment - Golden Seal 50gm

$18.15 each ($36.30 per 100 gm)
Certified by ACO

Deep cracks in the skin, heels, hands, corners of the mouth. Old stubborn sores. Canker sores. Cuts and Wounds. Under the rim of the eye for conjunctivitis. Dry Lips.


Cocoa butter. aloes water. Unrefined beewax. Golden seal/ calendula infused oil - - Helianyhus annuus. Golden seal/yarrow/calendula extract. oil. Ivory shea butter. Glycerin/ omega9(glyceryl oleate) soya lecithin. Castor oil. Essential oils of tee tree &rosemary and evening primrose oil. Natural preservatives glyceryl caprylate/ parfum 0.5% contains 20% Herb infused oil and extract.

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