Get excited everyone! Our new website is up & running & one week away from your lounge room.

We will be moving lettucedeliver.com.au to our new website on Wednesday the 28th of April. Big day everyone! Many of you have been ordering on this old girl for more than 13 years (but we must say goodbye this week – so please screen shot your favourite order if needed moving forward).....

Although the ordering platform will change – nothing will change at our end! Same family doing the same thing we have been doing for the last 21 years - Bringing Certified Organic Aussie Grown Goodness to your kitchen each week!

As we welcome in an entirely new software system we ask you to bear with us as we anticipate there will be some teething problems...Our new site will allow you to:

Set up ‘recurring orders’ – which you are able to pause and cancel online.

Create numerous ‘favourite item’ lists to make ordering your favs easier.

Allow you to receive your invoice as an email.

Provide access to past orders/invoices.

and....drum roll please...

Add and/or change items in an order already in the system!

Remember we are only a phone call away if you need any help as we transition to the new system.

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