Remedy Kombucha - 750ml - 10% off in Feb 

The slight fizz makes you think of summer days, and the variety of flavours is amazing. Even better - it's good for you!

The probiotic content helps to balance your gut flora - the unique mix of bacteria in your stomach and intestines. Healthy gut flora improves digestion, improves mental clarity and stabilizes moods.

Husband and wife team, Emmet and Sarah Condon, started Remedy Kombucha. They had been fermenting at home for a long time, and used that small batch mindset to expand their business while keeping the formulas and methods traditional and natural.

Remedy Kombucha is on sale this month - so it's a perfect time to give it a try!

Keep a bottle in the fridge for a crisp, refreshing, and good for you pick-me-up on those hot summer days!

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