325.jpgJuly brings with it cold, wet and dreary weather. It also brings its fair share of chills, colds and flus. But did you know simple organic foods can help ward off colds and flu?

One of the best ways to get back on track when you are a little under the weather is to eat yourself to health. While food may not be the most appealing idea when you’re suffering a cold or flu, there are some simple foods and tricks you can use.

The sore throat icy pole

While sitting down to an icy pole in the middle of winter might seem a little strange, it’s actually pretty good for you.

The great thing about the frozen fruit juice icy pole is it soothes your sore throat while also giving you much needed hydration.

You can easily freeze fruit juice into an ice cube tray or icy pole mould. You can use our many packaged fruit juices, check out our package deal on apple juicing boxes or hit the beautifully in season navel oranges.

Souping up your recovery

Soup is amazing when we’re not feeling the best. If you’re not feeling keen on food, it can be a way of getting much needed nutrients. It’s also an amazing source of hydration. Plus it’s great at warming you up in a subtle way.

You can prepare yourself for those sudden flus and colds by keeping the following items in stock:

  • Bone broth – these are great for the pantry or fridge to have on standby
  • Stock – we have a range of vegan, vegetarian and meat based stock flavours in powder and liquid form
  • Pre-made soup- we stock the amazing canned brand of Amy’s Kitchen in a variety of vegan, veggo and omnivore favourite flavours
  • Grains, pulses and legumes- we have a variety of fresh, pre-packaged and canned grains, pulses and legumes to help create a hearty soup

Soup is great because you can use the organic foods you have in the cupboard and fridge from the regular shopping for a nourishing yet easy to make meal.

Lashings of garlic and ginger

Garlic and ginger help so much when you’re feeling poorly. Garlic can help boost your immunity, ease congestion and make you feel some relief from overall symptoms.

Ginger too has some great properties. Ginger is especially good at the calming of irritated stomachs and bowels as well as quelling nausea.

Try adding these two wonderful additions to your cooking. You can also do simple things such as grill crushed garlic on thin toast with a dash of olive oil as a small but mighty pick-me-up. Ginger is great for adding to juices and in tea.

Tea time happiness

Speaking of tea, tea is great when you are feeling stuffy and sick. Staying away from dairy and the dairy heavy coffee is a great idea. Tea is a good alternative to your usual morning coffee habit when poorly.

But tea itself is also brimming with anti-oxidants. It also helps hydrate you. And certain teas have special properties all of their own you can make use of to help with the healing process.

It’s also the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of organic foods and meals, big and small.

  • Peppermint tea- is great for calming an upset stomach and bowel plus aiding with digestion. Peppermint can also help to dampen headaches
  • Ginger tea- ginger is great for nausea
  • Echinacea based teas - are good for prevention as well as cure
  • Green tea – can give you much needed energy
  • Lemon tea- can soothe a ragged throat as well as boost your immunity through citrus
  • Chamomile and Valerian based teas- can help you sleep as you recover

Add a teaspoon of organic honey and a spritz of fresh lemon and your tea will help soothe your throat and taste great in the process! Check out our range of teas now.

Go bananas for bananas

Not only are bananas a go-to food for athletes and Mums in the know for their amazing vitamins and great taste, bananas have long been regarded a source of healing as well.

Bananas help with calming stomach flu, vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea. They are also a rich source of vitamin B6, so they are powerful infection fighters. And they are rich in potassium, which is often drained from the body through sweats and other forms of fluid loss.

Citrus and juice (depending on the symptoms)

Not all winter friendly organic foods are of the eating kind. If you have a head cold or a snotty flu, dosing up on the citrus and fruit juice is probably going to be really good.

The vitamin C and A found can really help boost your immunity and make you feel better. All while giving that much needed hydration.

However, if you have accompanying stomach and digestive issues, the acids contained in citrus fruits and juices may in fact irritate your stomach and bowel. Use common sense based on your symptoms.

Eating your way to health

Produce during winter is usually excellent. So it’s a great opportunity to stock up on long life staples such as the potassium rich potato and immunity boosting ginger and garlic. You can also collect many base items for your pantry so that when a cold or flu does strike, you are still eating well through soups and hydrating with teas. Building a store of all kinds of organic foods can help you stay warm and healthy this winter.

Here’s to keep those dreaded flu germs at bay!

Want to eat your way to good health? Check out Lettuce Deliver’s range of organic foods now.