This report was updated on Wednesday 5th December for deliveries 10th - 13th December 2018

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As we did last year we are only getting Turkeys and Legs of Pork in for customers who specifically ask for them. If you want one, could you please lettuce know asap so we can organise for you. Turkeys will be approx 3.5 – 5.5kg @ $26.00 per kilo. Pork Legs (available in butt or leg end) will be approx 2 - 4kg @ $32.00 per kilo
Our last deliveries of 2018 will be 17th - 20th of December.
Our first deliveries of 2019 will be 7th - 10th January

PRODUCE SPECIAL :  10th - 13th December 2018


PRODUCE SPECIAL : Mangoes - Kensinton Pride - Tray of 14 - $44.00 per tray. Coming from Lower Don in Bowen, QLD.



GROCERY SPECIAL : Barambah Yoghurts - 15% off all of December
Barambah Organics sources its fresh milk from its own two dairy farms, located in the pristine border rivers region of QLD/NSW. Every input into the farms is organic, from organic grain and pastures. This ensures the milk is of the highest quality and taste. All of Barambah's yoghurts have five live cultures added, which are acidophilus, bifidus, casei, thermophilus and bulgaricus. There are no gelatines, no artificial colouring, no preservatives or artificial flavours added.

Other Grocery Specials include: 

Queen B Candles - 15% off all of December
Blue Dinosaur Bars - 15% off all of December
Mindful Foods  - Loose tea - 15% off all of December
Sacred Grounds - PNG Plunger Coffee - 15% off all December
Kehoes - Sauerkrauts - 15% off all of December 

Out of Stock

  • Sun Catcher - Brownie - Peppermint, Herbs of Life - Crackers - Veg Flax, Full circle - Laid Back Dish Brush Refills, Paddock to Plate - Pastrami, Powlett Hill - Eggs (available again in 2019),  Sunwarrior - Bar - Blueberry Blast, Viking - Wild Blueberries, Melrose - Green Olives, Power Super Foods - Dulse Flakes, Banaban - Coconut Aminos, Douglas Park - Orange Poppers, Ozganics - Simmer Sauce - Lemon Chicken, Olio & Pane - Peeled Tomatoes, Casalare - Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce, Seventh Generation - Stain Remover, Lettuce Deliver - Dried Nectarines - Yellow Flesh, East Bali - Cashews, Pana - Chocolate - RAW Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Paris Creek - Cheeses, Kombucha Max - Kombucha Ginger & Pear, Pim's - Dried Mango, Acure - Glowing Serum, Kehoe's - Spiced Carrot, Full Circle - Compostable Waste Bags, Blis - Manuka Honey 100+, Nature First - Sunflower Kernels, Orgran - Spaghetti, Gourmet Organic Herbs - Shredded Coconut, Green Gables - Apricot Jam, Pure Poppet - Play Makeup - Box Kit, OCP - Slasher, Ozganics - Teriyaki, Country Valley - Lite & Full Cream Milk, Matchless - Peanut Butter, Melrose - Liquid Soap - Orange, Green Gables - Tomato & Basil Sauce, Cleopatra's Products, Blis - Manuka Honey 600 +, Douglas Park - Raspberry Jam, Absolute Organic - Teff Seeds, Book - The Liver Cleansing Diet, Fry - Scnitzels (Golden), Elgin - Sour Cherries, Seeds - Italian Parsley, Green Gables - Prunes, Green Gables - Prunes, Melrose - Lavender Soap, Nimbin - Goat Milk, Green Gables - Cherry Jam, Jensens - Crushed Ginger, Lotus - Pumpkin Seeds 100gm, EcoEgg - Washing Machine Detox Tablets, Ceres - Green Banana Flour, Sunzest - Grapefruit Juice, Jannei - Goat Milk, Douglas Park - Blueberry Jam, Real Good Food - Toasted Seed Mix In Shoyu, Magann - Dried Apricots, Pana - Chocolate - RAW Coconut & Goji (50% Cacao), Peace, Love & Veg - Bonny's Bush Tucker, Green Gables - Tomato Sauce, Green Gables - Plum Jam, Mungalli - Fetta in Brine, GOH - Vanilla Powder, Marlee May - Goat Milk, Aden & Anis - Starstruck Muslin Wrap, 3 Hungry Monkeys - Green Lentils,  ecococoon - White Chalk Pen, Lloyds Muscatel Grape Juice, Singing Dog - Vanilla Extract (59ml), Maurice Franklin - Dried Bananas, Aden & Anais - Wrap (Pure).

Back in Stock

  • Nat-ali - Extract - Vanilla, Spring Wholefoods - Sprouted Seed Bread - Banana (unsliced), Spring Wholefoods - Sprouted Seed Bread - Banana (unsliced), GimMe - Seaweed Snacks (Roasted) - Extra Virgin (6 pack), Enviro Clean - Laundry Powder & Pre-Soaker, Douglas Park - Strawberry Jam, Spiral Foods - Pasta Sauce - Arrabbiata.

Deleted Stock

  • Loving Earth - Chocolate - Raw Creamy (Coconut Mylk) 30gm, Uni - Body Cream, Banaban - Jig Jig.

Changes to Stock    

  • Until further notice Divine Soft Cheeses will be replaced with True Organic Soft Cheeses.
  • Until further notice Barambah Block and Sliced Cheddar will be labelled under Clean & Green Brand - which is from New Zealand. The product is also Certified by ACO.  
  • Milk supply is presenting some problems we will look to substitute you a like product if what you have ordered is not available. If you are wanting the milk that you have ordered or nothing at all - please make a note with your order. 
  • We are constantly updating grocery prices, images and details.

New Products

  • Spiral Foods - Seasoning - Umeboshi Furikake 73gm $12.90 each
    Not Certified Organic
    Product of Japan
    Ingredients: Organic Toasted white sesame seeds, Organic Salt cured toasted black sesame, Organic dried Umeboshi flakes, Organic ground white sesame seeds, Green nori flakes, Sea salt.



The time has come for us to remove the seasonal $35.00 mixed box from our offerings, as well as increase our fruit box to $50.00 and our vege box to $70.00...this will come into effect in January 2019. Our $44.00 juicing box will also increase to $55.00.

We have come a long way since 1999 when we offered only certified organic fruit & veges and Greenwood juices for home delivery from our small shop in Tamarama..... today we have a warehouse packed to the brim with thousands of delicious, must have items to fill your pantry, fridge and freezer.


As many of you already know, we were fined by the NSW Food Authority in October this year for selling Cleopatra's Bath Wash in August 2018. A NSW Food Authority representative came onto our premises, confiscated some Cleopatra Products, had them tested and provided us with an analysis and a letter that said we were in breach of the Food Act 2003 and clause 68A Food Regulation 2015. 

We had also been warned in December 2015 by the NSW Food Authority for selling Cleopatra Products - but on further questioning were told we had not broken any laws.

In August this year, we were advised that a new regulation had come into effect which required our supplier to hold a license with the NSW Food Authority for distribution of this product. At the time we were made aware of the new regulation our Solicitor became involved as we were again threatened with a potential fine..... We enquired as to how we obtained the 'new license' as we could buy from Trevor Mahaffey directly....we are still waiting for clarification on this issue from the NSW Food Authority (it seems this license is unattainable).

Following our enquiries we have been fined for $1320.00 

Our offence being:
Sold and supplied a raw milk product described as "Cleopatra's Bath Wash" that was not treated, packaged or labelled in a manner to deter human consumption.

I will remind everyone how we sell this product on our website - in a Category on it's own called:

RAW Bath Wash (cosmetic skin treatment only) 

with the following description: 

Cleopatra's – Bath Wash (cosmetic skin treatment only)
Ingredients: Organic Jersey Bath Wash
For cosmetic skin treatment only. Not suitable for Human Consumption. This bath wash comes from Trevor Mahaffey in Goomboorian who supplies us with his magnificent Certified Organic QLD Beans part of each year. It arrives to us each Monday with a 10 day expiry

We have appealed this fine with Revenue's NSW, and that appeal has been rejected on the basis that we do not treat (ie. put an additive in the product) to deter human consumption. Our only avenue now is to ask that the breach is brought before a judge. This could be a lengthy and costly process that we simply cannot risk in terms of cost. As many of you know, our focus has always been the supply of brilliant, Aussie grown, Certified Organic Fruit & Veges and so I remind myself of this fact as we decide to remove the Cleo products from our site and move forward.