This report was updated on Wednesday 19th June for deliveries 24th - 27th June 2019 

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PRODUCE SPECIAL :  24th - 27th June 2019 


PRODUCE SPECIAL : Flat Parsley - $2.50 per bunch.
Coming from Jarcman Herbs in Cranebrook Valley, NSW.



Pana Chocolate - 15% off all of June
Pana Organic creates a variety of rich luxurious chocolates. All free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar with an amazing wow taste.

Other Grocery Specials include: 

Boehli - Bretzels (Mini) - 15% off all of June
Lotus - Grain - Bourghal (Coarse) - 15% off all of June
Randall - Rice - Brown Koshihikari - 15% off all of June
Loving Earth - Choc Buckinis - 15% off all of June
Mighty Bellies - Aribars - 15% off all of June

Out of Stock

  • Barambah - Cream, Rawries - Orange Choc, Spiral Food - Coconut Cream, Absolute Organic - Dried Currants, Britt's - Shortbread Biscuits, Paddock to Plate - Frankfurts (4 pack), Crystal Brook - Bee Pollen, Red Dragon Inn - Tumeric Ginger Beer - Living Elixir, Moltex - XL Nappies, Four Leaf Milling - Polenta, Britt's - Anzac Biscuits, Full Circle - Dish Cloth (Rainbow), Randall - Low GI Doongara Brown Rice, O - Chicken Broth, Spiral Foods - Wakame, Mungalli - Cheese - Cheddar (Tasty & Mild), Full Circle - Cellulose Sponge Cloths - Squeeze, Absolute Organic - Walnuts, Good Fish - Mackarel, Absolute Organic - Sunflower Kernels, Sol Ghee - Dhal Mixes, Green Gables - Peach Jam, Absolute Organic - Jasmine Rice, AKN - Cassava Flour, Wodonga Park - Maca Oil (250ml), Neoflam - Ecolon Casserole Dish - 28cm (Red), Outback - Honey, Veggie - Twister, Neoflam - Ecolon Frypan - 28cm (Green), Pim's - Beeswax, Keep Leaf - Lunch Box - Insulated (Hearts), Organic Times - Milk Powders, Douglas Park - Fig Jam, Douglas Park - Blackberry Jam, Biona - Red Kidneys in Glass, Pim's - Dried Mango, Blis - Manuka Honey 100+, Nature First - Sunflower Kernels, Pure Poppet - Play Makeup - Box Kit, OCP - Slasher, Blis - Manuka Honey 600 +, Book - The Liver Cleansing Diet, Seeds - Italian Parsley, Sunzest - Grapefruit Juice, Magann - Dried Apricots, Aden & Anis - Starstruck Muslin Wrap, ecococoon - White Chalk Pen, Aden & Anais - Wraps.

Back in Stock

  • Wild South - Prawns, Barambah - Glass Milk (severe milk shortage), Coyo - Natural Yoghurt.

Deleted Stock

  • Absolute Organic - Teff Seeds,  Ozganics - Marinade - Honey, Soy & Garlic.

Changes to Stock    

  • Until further notice Barambah Block and Sliced Cheddar will be labelled under Clean & Green Brand - which is from New Zealand. The product is also Certified by ACO.  
  • Milk supply is presenting some problems we will look to substitute you a like product if what you have ordered is not available. If you are wanting the milk that you have ordered or nothing at all - please make a note with your order. 
  • We are constantly updating grocery prices, images and details.

New Products

  • Whole + Pure - Bar - Goji & Walnut (Beauty Bar) 45gm $5.72 each inc gst
    Product of Australia
    Not Certified Organic
    Ingredients: Dates, Coconut, Chicory Fibre, Goji Berries, Cranberries (Cane Sugar, Oil), Organic Rice Protein, Almonds, Collagen Peptides, Cashews, Lactobacillus (Mung Beans, Brown Rice, Red Lentils, Chickpeas, Alfalfa Seed, Flaxseed, Millet, Quinoa), Walnuts, Chia Seeds, Tahini, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Quinoa, Camu Camu.
    The BEAUTY Bar contains naturally occurring Vitamin C, prebiotics, protein and over 2.5g of collagen per bar. Made using natural fermentation methods with 13 strains of probiotic flora in the mother culture, these bars can help to colonise healthy gut bacteria and are additionally a source of antioxidants, for supporting the body’s defence against free radical damage and for healthy, glowing skin. Made from completely natural ingredients, each specifically chosen to help boost your nutrient levels, and to help nourish healthy skin, hair, nails and digestion, the Beauty Bar makes healthy eating easy. Eat on the run, as a tasty breakfast bar or eat between meals to help power up your nutrient levels and get you on your way.
  • Red Seal - Toothpaste - Lemon 100gm $6.27 each inc gst
    Not Certified Organic
    Product of New Zealand
    Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Purified water, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Lauryl glucoside, Lemon oil, Silica, Cellulose gum, Magnesium aluminium silicate, Lime oil, Sodium Saccharin.
    Contains no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), is mint free and is low on salicylates, making it perfect for people using homeopathic remedies.
  • Full Circle - Microfiber Duster - Dust Whisperer Replacement Head $10.56 each inc gst
    Not Certified Organic
    Product of China
    Replacement head for Dust Whisperer. Dust bunnies don't stand a chance against this tool that picks up household fluff like a super-powered magnet. It's bendable, super soft and (best of all) washable.
  • Full Circle - Dusting Cloths (3 pack) 36cm x 36cm $9.13 each inc gst
    Not Certified Organic
    Product of China
    Made from: 100% natural plant-based pulp
    Cleans and dusts without the waste. Naturally soft and absorbent. Set of 3 includes blue, green and purple cloths. Non-toxic dyes  

Run out Sale

  • Vita Sol - Purity Wholefood $19.00 each...usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019) 
  • Vita Sol - Flexibility Wholefood $19.00 each....usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019)
  • Vita Sol - Infinity Wholefood $19.00 each....usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019)
  • Whole Kids - Cookies - Apple (4 pack) $3.00 each...usually $5.90 each (best before 24.07.19)
  • Whole Kids - Rice Crackers - Sea Salt (4 pack) $4.40 each...usually $6.71 each (best before 15.08.19) 
  • Whole Kids - Rice Crackers - Tamari (4 pack) $4.40 each...usually $6.71 each (best before 17.08.19)
  • Orgran - Cookies - Outback Animals - Chocolate (8 pack) $4.00 each...usually $7.15 each (best before 30.07.19) 
  • Orgran - Cookies - Outback Animals - Vanilla (8 p pack) $4.00 each...usually $7.15 each (best before 30.07.19) 
  • Hemp Food Australia - Hemp Protein 500gm $20.00 each...usually $34.95 each (best before 02.08.19) 
  • Hemp Food Australia - Hemp Protein 500gm $35.00 each...usually $59.95 each (best before 02.08.19) 
  • The Goods - Crackers - Wafer Thins - Gluten Free $2.00 each...usually $4.29 each (best before 18.07.19)
  • The Unexpected Guest - Bars $2.00 each...usually $4.07 each (best before July 19)
  • Sunwarrier - Bar - Protein - Blueberry Blast $2.20 each...usually $5.00 each (best before 08.19)
  • Blue Dinosaur - Bar - Wild Apricot $2.00 each...usually $3.95 each (best before 26.07.19)
  • Ceres - Rice Bites - Sea Salt & Vinegar (100gm) $3.30 each...usually $4.15 each (best before 24.08.19)
  • Hemp Food Australia - Hemp Seeds 1kg $30.00...usually $54.95 each (best before 30.08.19)