This report was updated on Wednesday 10th April for deliveries 15th - 18th April 2019 

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PRODUCE SPECIAL :  15th - 18th April 2019 


PRODUCE SPECIAL : Yellow Peaches - 1kg or more - $16.00 per kilo.
Coming from Green Gables in Kingsvale, NSW.



The Unexpected Guest - Muesli's and Bars - 15% all of April
The Unexpected Guest are proud to be producing products that stimulate your taste buds and lift your spirit! Celebrate the unplanned and spontaneous!



As many of you are already aware....we are not delivering at all week starting Easter Monday. Each year, for the last few, we have taken this week off due to the disruption to transport with good Friday and Easter Monday....not to mention we work some pretty heavy hours on the weekends organising produce & orders.... and we like to spend this time with our children. We wish you all a lovely long weekend filled with friends and feasts. For anyone ordering up this week to take you through until our return to deliveries (week starting Monday the 29th April) please add some Peak Fresh Bags to your order....they really are fantastic. So obviously we are delivering this week (Monday 15th - Thursday the 18th)...then not at all week starting Monday the 22nd April...then we will be back updating our website on Wednesday the 24th of April for deliveries starting Monday the 29th.

Other Grocery Specials include: 

Rawries - Bars - 15% off all of April
Undivided Food Tomato & BBQ Sauce - 10% off all of April
Douglas Park - Jams - 10% off all of April
Derry-O - Soft Cheeses - 10% off all of April

Out of Stock

  • AKN - Cassava Flour, Wodonga Park - Maca Oil (250ml), Ecover - Dishwasher Tablets - Citrus, Star Anise - Chicken Broth, Kialla - Flour - Sorghum (White), Neoflam - Ecolon Casserole Dish - 28cm (Red), Mungalli - Cheese - Cheddar (Tasty), Power Super Foods - Sea Vegetable - Wakame Flakes, Orgamix - Paleo Breakfast Mix, Blissful Bubbles - Beeswax Wraps, Spring Wholefood - Sprouted Breads, Casalare - Tempura, Outback - Honey, Enviro Clean - Mould Remover, Moorehead & Rutter - Dried Bananas (Freeze Dried), Veggie - Twister, Neoflam - Ecolon Frypan - 28cm (Green), Seventh Generation - Bleach, Pim's - Beeswax, Keep Leaf - Lunch Box - Insulated (Hearts), Organic Times - Skim Milk Powder, Miessence - Toothpaste - Anise, Douglas Park - Fig Jam, Douglas Park - Blackberry Jam, Powlett Hill - Eggs, Biona - Red Kidneys in Glass, Douglas Park - Orange Poppers, Ozganics - Simmer Sauce - Lemon Chicken, Pim's - Dried Mango, Blis - Manuka Honey 100+, Nature First - Sunflower Kernels, Pure Poppet - Play Makeup - Box Kit, OCP - Slasher, Ozganics - Teriyaki, Melrose - Liquid Soap - Orange, Blis - Manuka Honey 600 +, Book - The Liver Cleansing Diet, Seeds - Italian Parsley, Melrose - Lavender Soap,  Lotus - Pumpkin Seeds 100gm, Sunzest - Grapefruit Juice, Real Good Food - Toasted Seed Mix In Shoyu, Magann - Dried Apricots, Peace, Love & Veg - Bonny's Bush Tucker, GOH - Vanilla Powder, Aden & Anis - Starstruck Muslin Wrap, ecococoon - White Chalk Pen, Aden & Anais - Wrap (Pure).

Back in Stock

  • Bondi Yoghurt, Lettuce Deliver - Dried Peaches, Rosnay - Choc-coated Figs, Nutty Bruce - Milk - Almond & Coconut, Absolute Organic - Cheese - Goats, Eden - Ultimate Biotic, Full Circle - Sponges

Deleted Stock

  • Baby Organic - Baby Powder, Sunwarrior - Bar - Protein - Salted Caramel, Bob's Red Mill - Amaranth Flour, Miessence - In Liven Probiotic Super Food, Snaps - Container (Stainless Steel) - Medium, Randall - Rice - Low Gi Doongara (White), Sacred Grounds - Plunger Coffee

Changes to Stock    

  • Biotuff Dog Waste Bags - now in a 4 pack, not 2 pack
  • Until further notice Barambah Block and Sliced Cheddar will be labelled under Clean & Green Brand - which is from New Zealand. The product is also Certified by ACO.  
  • Milk supply is presenting some problems we will look to substitute you a like product if what you have ordered is not available. If you are wanting the milk that you have ordered or nothing at all - please make a note with your order. 
  • We are constantly updating grocery prices, images and details.

New Products

  • Kathe Kruse Dolls - Doll - Waldorf Organic Schatzi Cuddle Doll, 25 cm $63.80 each inc gst
    Certified by INTL
    Product of Europe
    Made from: Organic Cotton, Wool
    Kathe Kruse Waldorf dolls are handmade - from 100% natural materials - soft rag dolls and their embroidered faces are, in the spirit of the Waldorf philosophy, kept simple. They stimulate the imagination and invite creative play. Suitable from newborn.
    Kathe Kruse Manufactory is licensed by the “Association of Waldorf schools” to manufacture Waldorf  dolls and toys. Each doll and every baby product is unique – like every child! The products are reduced in expression and in design to the essentials to stimulate the imagination of a child. The high-quality details like the embroidery or the knitting, the wrapped and embroidered heads but also the stuffed bodies show the quality of the handcraftsmanship. Kathe Kruse products are made with organic materials. The body and forms are covered with cotton jersey. The materials come from controlled organic farming and the sheep wool filling from controlled biological livestock.  In addition Käthe Kruse offers an anti-allergenic baby line without sheep wool filling. Kathe Kruse’s unique natural collection is for every age: from babies to school children! This doll is made almost entirely by hand. Just the body parts are made by sewing machine. Each step is executed in many hours of manual labour. Each Waldorf doll is, like every human being, absolutely unique. Waldorf dolls are made from natural materials such as wool and cotton. It is important that the doll feels good. For this arouses feelings of affection and tenderness. Because their filled with sheep's wool the doll feels wonderfully warm and cuddly and is soft and smooth in the arm of the child.
  • Paddock to Plate - Frankfurts (4 pack) 360gm $9.90 each
    Not Certified Organic
    Product of WA
    Ingredients: Australian Free Range Pork 90%, Water, Mineral Salt 450, Dextrose, Salt, Antioxidant 316, Yeast Extract, herb & Spice Extract, Vegetable Extract, Natural Wood Smoke. Nitrate Free. Free Range. Gluten Free.
    Product is fresh frozen which means that on delivery this product has 7 days fresh life from delivery day. Even though this product leaves Lettuce frozen it is likely the product will begin to defrost on delivery.
  • Viking Organic - Cheese - Sheep Feta Style 200gm $6.50 each
    Product of Bulgaria
    Certified by INTL
    Ingredient: Organic Sheep Milk 98.95%, Salt 1%, Calcium Chloride 0.044%, Microbial Rennet 0.005%, Starter Culture 0.001%
  • Viking Organic - Cheese - Sheep Gouda 200gm $7.70 each
    Product of Bulgaria

    certified by INTL
    Ingredient: Organic Sheep Milk 98.97%, Sea Salt 1%, Calcium Chloride 0.025%, Microbial Enzymes 0.004%, Starter Culture 0.001%
  • Viking Organic - Cheese - Goat Gouda 200gm $7.70 each
    Product of Bulgaria
    certified by INTL
    Ingredient: Organic Goat Milk 98.97%, Sea Salt 1%, Calcium Chloride 0.025%, Microbial Enzymes 0.004%, Starter Culture 0.001%
  • Viking Organic - Cheese - Goat Feta Style 200gm $6.50 each
    Product of Bulgaria
    certified by INTL
    Ingredient: Organic Goat Milk 98.95%, Salt 1%, Calcium Chloride 0.044%, Microbial Rennet 0.005%, Starter Culture 0.001%
  • King Island - Tofu - Regular Soft 750gm $4.50 each
    Certified by ACO
    Product of Australia
    Ingredients: Organic Soy Bean (non gmo), Mineral Salt (509, 511), Water added.
    Ideal for Salads & Dressings, Desserts, Puree with favourite fruits, Miso Soup, Cream Soup.
  • King Island - Tofu - Seasoned 300gm $5.30 each
    Certified by ACO
    Product of Australia
    Ingredients: Australian Certified Organic Soy Bean (non gmo), Mineral Salts (509, 511), Caramel, Spices, Water.
    Low in fat. high in protein. Low in calories. Cholesterol Free.   

Run out Sale

  • Clipper - Tea - White $3.00 each...usually $5.65 each (best before 05.2019)
  • Bragg - Apple Cider Vinegar Drink - Honey $1.00 each...usually $6.95 each (best before June 2019)
  • Loving Earth - Maca Powder $6.00 each...usually $14.80 each (best before 01.15.19)
  • Vita Sol - Purity Wholefood $39.00 each...usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019) 
  • Vita Sol - Flexibility Wholefood $39.00 each....usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019)
  • Vita Sol - Infinity Wholefood $39.00 each....usually $59.00 (best before Sept 2019)
  • Global Organics - Flour - Coconut $2.00 each...usually $6.20 each (best before 22.4.19)
  • GimMe - Seaweed Snacks (Roasted) - Sea Salt $1.50 each...usually $4.79 each (best before May 2019)
  • Sol Ghee - Kitchari Mix $6.00 each...usually $10.95 each (best before 23.04.19)
  • Sol Ghee - Moong Dahl (Yellow) $6.00 each...usually $10.95 each (best before 23.04.19)
  • Sol Ghee - Dhal (Red) - Indian Spiced $6.00 each...usually $10.95 each (best before 23.04.19)