We would like you to get to know our growers - the people who produce the food you eat every day! So each month we will be adding a new grower profile to the website so check back regularly to find out more about the organic growers who work hard to make your food so good!

Our Pricing Policy & Philosophy

As many of you know we work with many of our suppliers and growers on agreed prices for the season, hence we do not chop and change the locations from which our produce is coming during the season. This way we have an ongoing supply of most fruit and veg in season.

We are very loyal shoppers at Lettuce Deliver and so are returned the same loyalty by our farmers and wholesalers. We also find this to be the fairest way for not only the consumer but also the farmer. Can you imagine planting a crop and having no idea of the quantity you will sell or the prices you will be returned ???

We give information to the growers of our choice, based on quality, about the quantities we require through out their season. We usually agree on a price for the season, hence many of our prices do not change all year (broccoli, avo’s, carrots, tomatoes, apples…just to name a few)…except for very rare occasions where we run ‘REAL SPECIALS’ on certain lines......because the Farmer is at the very peak of the season or has to pick quickly due to changes in weather. This not only gives the grower a sense of love and security but lets him know where he is going for the season and also ensures that we are not without consistent quality the high quality produce that you have grown to expect from us.

We feel very good about the sustainable way in which we shop for you. We pay our farmers and suppliers fair prices for the produce and services they provide us, and do so knowing that they will still be around next season to do it all over again.

Remember….Certified Organic Produce is all about sustainability, so feel good about paying fair prices for quality produce. We are for the big picture and are truly working towards a sustainable Australia.