The Bobbit family of Wodonga Park have been supplying Lettuce Deliver with their  magnificent Hass Avocadoes, Lemons and Macadamia Nuts since 1999. Although you wouldn't know when you speak to Hubertus or his son Marco....the farm is actually the largest producer & exporter of Biodynamic Macadamias and Avocados in Australia.

Situated in the cool subtropical climate on the southern end of the Blackbutt Plateau in Southeast Queensland, the area is recognised for its highly paramagnetic volcanic soils, high quality water, high altitude (630m) and large areas of forest including rainforest and hoop pine.

The environment is ideal for growing the macadamias, avocados and lemons for which the farm is now famous. 

"Wodonga Park" was acquired in the late 1980's and since that time they have been an industry pioneer and leader. From the Humble beginnings as an Orchard of some 1500 macadamia trees on only 12Ha, the orchard now compromises 52 HA with some 5200 macadamia trees, 1200 avocado trees and 1000 lemon trees. The current management team have more than 30 years of experience in bio-dynamic farming between them.

As lettuce customers know, we generally sell small Avocadoes - usually Size 28, which means there are 28 Avocadoes in the 3.5kg tray. The Avocadoes are picked by hand and sorted by a grader according to size, then classed according to quality before being packed into trays and then shipped to Sydney for our collection. Lemons are handled in a similar fashion...whereas the Macadmia Nuts are picked by mechanised units that eliminate the need for manual picking. The Bobbit Family also dehusk, dry and store the nuts on farm, before sending the nuts to Toowoomba for further processing.

The Bobbit family are firm believers in "You are what you eat".. They also believe that the same goes for the plants; to be nutritious the right balance of natural fertilisers are used and  their skilled team apply biodynamic preparations and natural remedies to enhance the quality of their  product.

Biodynamic preparations are used to increase soil fertility, stimulate the soil life, raise fruit yield and quality, improve shelf-life and detector insects. The secret lies in the fundamentals: good soil and healthy plants.

We are so pleased that Lettuce Deliver is able to offer you the very best of Australian Export quality fruit and nuts from Wodonga Park.