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...to think that Marcia and Bruce Eldridge insisted their son complete a trade before following in their footsteps and working on the land brings a smile to my face. How could they have known that in only a few short years that produce grown by their son, Shane would become sought after across the country and abroad.

From a humble beginning in Murray Bridge working 6 glasshouses, Shane knew that the key to brilliant produce started with the soil. This knowledge leading him to study Soil Science with the famous Paul Bennett, to whom Shane  attributes his rock solid start in Organics.

Eldridge Fresh Organics now expands over 4 properties, boasts more than 180 glasshouses and is soon to hit the International Market.

Firmly establishing himself as a Master Lebanese Cucumber, Tomato, Cherry Tomato and Red Capsicum Grower, Shane has in the last few years dabbled in beans, baby cuc, snowpeas, potatoes and pumpkin - all of amazing quality, this further cementing  his position as a major player on the Certified Organic playing field. 

Do we feel lucky to be at the top of Shane's supply list ? You bet we do ! How did this happen one might ask, when comparing the volumes we require with some of the biggest wholesalers in the Country. It all started when Emma worked for Mary's Organics in Rozelle, a friendship developed between Emma, at that stage the office Junior and Shane who had at around the same time bought his first property in Murray Bridge. The friendship has continued and here we are ! 

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